virtual contact

A virtual number is a phone number, but it is not assigned to a particular phone line. On the contrary, the virtual number can redirect calls to a multitude of terminals: mobile phones, fixed lines, but also computers, in particular via Skype. The idea is simple and consists of offering a unique number, for example, national, referring to local agencies. You should look for a good virtual telephone number provider because this may prove essential for your business.

Virtual numbers also workvirtual phone number internationally. It is also one of the most frequently used, especially by call centers or businesses. Most of them have several phones internally. However, they wish to communicate only one phone number, the switchboard, on which the callers arrive. They are then redirected by the switchboard operator or by pressing the keys on their keypads according to the options mentioned by the automatic answering machine. Generally, creating a virtual number is indeed cheaper than a local subscription in the destination country.

How to Get a Virtual Number?

Virtual numbers can be obtained from specialized service providers. Therefore, it is possible with a subscription to purchase a DID number in any country. The process is relatively easy. After choosing a service provider, all you have to do is select the desired location for the virtual number, then select from the numbers offered. At this point, it is best to choose a virtual number that is easy to remember and recognizable.

Once this choice has been made, the last step is to designate the actual telephone number (s) to which the calls will be transferred. There are now many service providers offering virtual numbers on the web. It usually takes between 10 and 15 euros per month for the basic offer, a little more if numerous options are chosen. The operator can also bill for call forwarding from the virtual number.

An Advantageous Solution for Businesses

The virtual number system can be particularly advantageous in terms of sales representation and costs. A company located in a foreign country will have every interest in creating a unique virtual number to redirect calls to its physical structure. Customers then make a call to an available and reassuring national number without incurring any costs. An excellent solution to get rid of certain fixed costs, especially since the quality remains intact, the calls being directly forwarded to the designated number.

Using a virtual number also allows you to keep your real number a secret. This can be particularly useful for an entrepreneur who would not wish to reveal his private number to his customers. Rather than owning a second business laptop, all he has to do is create a virtual number. All calls will be transferred to the line of their choice, for example, their personal phone.